Investment Consulting

In 2019, the Montenegrin Economy grew by 4.7%. Montenegro owes this growth almost entirely to foreign investment. This is due to the ease of both doing business and acquiring residency in Montenegro as well as limited bureaucratic red tape and highly attractive low tax rates. Montenegro offers great returns on investment in the real-estate market. Maximizing the returns lies in knowing where the market is headed.

We have been closely tied to the Montenegrin real-estate market since 2016 and have an experience with the local market. We always remain up to date on any developments and changes in market trends to secure our clients investment capital and facilitate the best possible returns.

We work with reputable and licensed local real estate consultants in order to be able to offer the best investment solutions to our clients. As Montenegro offers attractive incentives to investors, we stand with you every step of the way offering you investment advice and solutions on the real estate and construction sector. If you wish to attain further details, we would be happy to book a meeting with you in our Istanbul or Tivat office.